The lab will consider talented, highly motivated postdoctoral fellows. Competitive candidates should be interested in skin and hair follicle biology, mechanisms of stem cell regulation and physiological regeneration, wound healing, scarring and wound regeneration. Postdoctoral candidates should have experience and publication track record in any of the above fields.

To apply, submit to plikus@uci.edu

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Summary of previous work and research interests

Ph.D. students

The lab will consider Ph.D. students from the following UC Irvine gateway programs:


Highly motivated freshman and sophomore year UCI undergraduates can apply to perform lab research as part of Bio199 program. Competitive candidates should have 3.5 GPA minimum, be ready to commit to two full years of research, 4 Bio199 units per quarter including summer quarter. Candidates should email to plikus@uci.edu